At EBIZZ EVENTS we have expertise in providing you innovative and creative sport events which have been successfully implemented on a nationwide scale.

Sachin's blazing cover drive to Serena's lightning forehand, Ronaldinho's mesmerizing footwork to our own IPL frenzy- now experience it all firsthand from the front seat, with your team for company.

Sport is the new buzzword in the world of events. And to experience the adrenaline rush of international games all you need to do is give us a call.

EBizz has long specialized in organizing sports related/ themed events. At present, we're one of India's leading companies in organizing sports based events, having done events in major tournaments all around the globe.

The reason behind our commanding position in sports themed events (just like in all others) are the experience and expertise that we bring to the table, a must-have to work with tournaments at the scale of the World T20 Championship or the Wimbledon. And with some of the magnificent sports events, we offer the best in class arrangement for the participants.

Sparkling luxurious hotels, comfortable carriage, well thought-out itinerary to make the most of your stay- your reason for choosing EBizz could be unending. Need help for your Visa? Ask us. Want to explore the foreign land in between the matches? We're ready with guidance and the guide. Need emergency medical attention? We've kept the support ready, no matter where you are.

No wonder then that we've organized events in ICC T20 World Cup for 2 consecutive years. This year, we've specially designed an event at the Wimbledon, London, during the Grand Prix. And every year, an increasing number of participants are enjoying the games that the world have its eyes fixed on, up, close and personal.

Now it's time for you to give your team a different experience, an experience to be cherished forever. Come, here the whistle goes off.