Road Shows and Promotions

Road Shows

When launching a product, or wanting to increase its visibility and give an opportunity for the customer to directly interact and experience the products/services - road shows are a highly cost effective medium. At EBIZZ EVENTS we have expertise in providing you innovative and creative road show concepts and implementing them on a nationwide scale. Operationally we design the float, fabricate the float, format activities on the float, design and implement promotions, plan the routes and itineraries, get the necessary permissions and trap and analyze customer reactions when executing a road show. 



Introducing a product / service or inducing a trial, or now lately generating leads are the objective of promotions. We have implemented nationwide - ongoing promotions for clients across FMCG, Durables, IT and the Service Industries. These promotions are handled on a turnkey basis - where in we plan the format of the promotions, do the overall identity designing and production, do the site selection, recruit train and monitor dedicated promotion executives and finally give all the feedback and reports that you desire from the activity.  

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