Ebizz specialises in designing, managing and delivering the creative, production and administrative components of a diverse range of events.

Clear vision, worldwide experience, outstanding business networks and excellent management skills are integral to our service for you.

Briefing & Strategy
Our expert teamwill clearly understand your requirement, brainstorm to generate ideas, develop and discuss them to deliver the best possible solution for your brief. Our strategies are always precise and our out of the box thinking gives you a magical solution every time.

Design & Planning
Our in house team of 2D & 3D designers are equipped with the latest global design trends and software’s to bring the idea to life. Whether you are looking for a traditional approach or a cutting edge technology oriented venue design, our team creates just the perfect ambience.

our management approach is meticulous and efficient - When all the details have been agreed, we will source event partners, vendors, talent and entertainment to ensure all aspects of your event are perfect. Our experience allows us to thoroughly cover every detailed element of your event to ensure flawless execution.This means everything from licensing to artist management – you can rely on our team.

Every aspect of your event will be checked and rechecked in advance, so you can be sure it will be a seamless occasion. E-Bizz works relentlessly in the tightest of deadline to produce a world class event every time.

Budget Control & Reconciliation
Ebizz will manage all third party, venue and supplier accounts, from initial deposits, to final settlements. Our itemised budget system enables you to track your costs accurately, from beginning to end.

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